Who We Are

Spring of Life Fellowship is a non-denominational church founded in 1998 on Pastor Joaquin Molina’s vision to change the world. In the years since we have dedicated ourselves to being passionate about serving God, and our values are reflected in every effort we make to bring the Gospel to the world around us. Our desire is that every aspect of our ministry represents the Righteousness and Character of Jesus Christ.

We always have an open invitation for any person who desires to learn more about having a relationship with Jesus Christ and to become part of the powerful movement of God to “Change the World.”

From our humble beginnings in living rooms and borrowed spaces to where we are now and to wherever He will take us in the future, God has always poured out an abundance of supernatural grace that has driven us to serve Him with integrity, humility, excellence, and passion.


Our Mission

Spring of Life Fellowship is passionately pursuing a world-changing ministry modeled after the life of Jesus Christ and the mission He gave to His disciples in Matthew 28:17-20.

We endeavor to change the world through the restoration of families, the righteous fellowship of the Body of Christ, and blessing our community by nurturing Godly principles of character founded of the Biblical principles of integrity, honor, and truth.


Changing the World

From the Pastors all the way down to the students in the Youth Groups, the dedicated members of Spring of Life Fellowship travel extensively to conduct conferences, leadership seminars, and outreach-mission projects throughout the globe.

We have taken the message of restoration and Grace to all corners of the earth, and our world-changing ministries are growing more influential and impacting more lives every day.

International Missions

Our international mission efforts and initiatives have taken our passion to spread the message of world-changing restoration and Grace all over the world and has transformed it into a flourishing reality made possible only by the faithfulness of God. Spring of Life has formed a powerful network with churches and influential leaders around the globe.

Our leadership team travels year round, working tirelessly to maintain our ministry relationships and outreach-mission projects around the globe. Spring of Life International Missions has impacted the Bahamas, Grand Cayman, Canada, Chile, Ecuador, Germany, Israel, Peru, Mexico, Nicaragua, Switzerland, and Venezuela with the mission to restore the character of Christ to the Christian church.

We live with the belief that the church of Jesus Christ should be the head and not the tail. Join us and become a part of our journey to change the world. Learn how you can help and get involved with this powerful movement of God.